Path of Ears

Mahan in all.
In Him only are we free.
We are the breath of Truth.
Thunder our brother - war is our way
We beat the drums to which all others must dance.
Life and Death are but brothers of existence--
And to us they are the same.
Blood we are owed-
Outcast of men-
Hated of the world-
Hunters of a traitor-
Enemies to Light
Nothing is beyond our lust for dominion-
Alive before our birth-
We cannot be destroyed-
Our enemies cannot prevail-
We do what the weak cannot do,
And what man will not do,
Strength of heart and mind,
The taste of flesh forever upon our lips.
We will bleed in unrest-
Until the Lord of Darkness is King of Kings,
And peace is destroyed forever.
We are the breath of carnage from Mahan's own mouth-
  We are Elder Brother,
We are Vallen.

  From birth to death, a Vallen knows that to find honor and respect among its peers, he must walk the Path of Ears. To become a warrior that strikes fear into the very soul of an enemy, especially Humans. To be a true warrior, a Vallen must cause such pain, bloodshed and visual horror among his foes to them to buckle in fear and scream from sheer terror.   This is a life worth living.


Common Customs, traditions and rituals

Leadership is always taken by force. This is known as the Law of Dominion and requires the challenger to take the life of he who is in leadership in an isolated circle of combat.


Gender Ideals

Males are the dominant species of the world, it matters not if it is mankind or beast, it is the male who was created to rule, to ruin, to destroy.


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