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Native Tongue of Yarva

"Janikk? We'd like to request your help."   She burst into laughter, and Shane couldn't help but crack a smile. Not exactly the language of diplomacy, Yarvish. Definitely a backwater planet.
  Yarvish is the native tongue of the Sparnell Confederation planet Yarva. Once a thriving language, well known among all who relied upon the vibrant farming planet for food, Yarvish has been slowly dying out since the Space Defense Legion's devastating attack against the planet. Newer generations often only learn Sparnick, with the more affluent also educated in Galactic Common.   Yarvish relies heavily on a large range of tonal inflections to denote the conjugation of its verbs and exact meaning of its nouns. As a result, Yarvish sounds quite comedic to the uninitiated, especially as native speakers tend to wave their arms to assist with clarity when speaking with outsiders.  

World Ember 2023

World Ember 2023

In an effort to work the core worldbuilding articles of Vazdimet, December 2023 is focused on the Magic of Vazdimet, as I work to flesh out my magic stubs.
I'll be working on them in related chunks, starting with Nature Magic, although I'll likely be writing additional stubs as well, as the muse desires. Take a look:



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