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"This was Yarva at the height of its production, before the attack that decimated half the planet," Urla continued, unphased. "Most people don't talk about it now, but Yarva was a highly effective farming planet with a unique approach to growing. Rather than clearing land for their animals and crops they found ways to work in harmony with the native plants and animals, using the increased strengths of their magics to improve their yield instead. As a result they also became one of the few known planets with more than two poles in their Nature Magic fields."
  The once-productive farming planet of Yarva now struggles to rebuild after the destruction of a large percentage of its most productive farming communities. Remaining citizens cling to hope with a practiced tenacity, combining their Nature Magic prowess with what little aid the Confederation provides in an effort to rebuild Yarva to its former glory.

Localized Phenomena

Rather than subscribe to the standard practice of clearing wildlife for farming, the inhabitants of Yarva learned to use the environment in their favor, augmenting their yield with Agrokinesis and Zokinesis. Permitted to grow largely untamed and even encouraged with additional magical input, the natural life of Yarva served to strengthen the Nature Magic fields, permitting the citizens of Yarva to cast stronger magics on their own crops.   These wildly strengthened fields of magic also resulted in a previously unknown phenomenon, adding a third pole to the flow of Nature Magic across the planet. Each pole centered on a particularly dense section of planetary life, with Nature Magic cast in the proximity of the poles even further enhanced.


Rubbing the back of his neck, Shane turned his attention to his feet. He'd always found military tactics a fascinating subject, but the next part of this discussion hit closer to home. "As you can guess, once they wore out the Armada, Yarva was their next target. And the Confederation had left us wide open, damn the Legion and their damn portal drives. Jumped in what ships they could, of course, but there's only so much small craft can do against a capital fleet, even if death is merely an inconvenience." He let out a hollow laugh. "A lot of Sparnell military careers died for that mistake... As did my parents, and my entire village. Same story across much of the planet."
  Identifying the thriving farming planet as a key military target on weakening the Sparnell Confederation war machine, Yarva's farmland was decimated in a well-planned surprise attack by the Space Defense Legion which claimed the lives of a sizeable portion of the planet's most productive communities. While enough of the infrastructure survived to maintain the habitability of the planet the resultant pollution, sheer destruction, and fallout from the attack significantly crippled Yarva's productivity and usefulness to the Confederation.   Today the planet continues to provide food to the Sparnell Armed Forces, but at significantly reduced quantities. Confederation leadership has provided resources for the recovery effort, but the effort and population increase required to fully rehabilitate the planet to pre-attack levels means the recovery of Yarva is unlikely to become a priority.
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