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Veris' Office

A quiet space strategically located adjacent to Janikk Station's Private Blade Hangar with easy access to Logistical Staging, Veris' preference of locating himself in the thick of things means his office has nonetheless been relegated to a storage space and occasional meeting room.

Purpose / Function

While originally intended as Veris Asik's private office, the dracoling decided he preferred to remain readily accessible within the bustle of Logistical Staging, frequently leaving his office vacant. Currently the room is used as short term storage for urgent shipments to be redistributed shortly after receipt.


The office contains a single entry point, a normal sized door leading into the back wall of Janikk Station's Private Blade Hangar, nestled between the many industrial roll-up doors separating the hangar from Logistical Staging.

Contents & Furnishings

The room is brightly lit, and well maintained, despite its infrequent use toward its actual purpose. The walls are lined with schedules and cargo manifestos, with a starmap prominently displayed in the middle, all written in Morjakk. Veris' desk has been pressed against the wall to the left of the door, seat positioned with its back to the door. Its surface is empty of papers, although it does contain a speaker for Janikk Station's Afterlife Intelligences.
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