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    <<Telemetry, aye.>> Feels felt the knock of a telepathic link request, their acceptance rewarded with a spacial layout of the battle with relation to the Inevitable.
      Telemetry handles the readings of sensors throughout the spacecraft, casting of assorted information gathering spells, and compilation of data from across their accompanying fleet, combining these readings to provide useful data regarding the ship's present location and surroundings. This information is then provided to the bridge crew, Maneuverability, Shielding, and any other requesting departments. On military craft this also includes Weapons.   Telemetry output can be projected holographically, or even provided telepathically on more magically inclined spacecraft. Most typically the information is displayed in real-time, although most craft also include recording methods to review information later.  
    <<Helm!>> Telemetry's voice held panic. <<Up! Up! Reckoning is on collision!>>
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    Generic article | May 25, 2022

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    Cover image: Planet Moon Solar by LoganArt


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