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    Alanis spoke with hints of amusement and a calculated cunning. <<You've always wanted a more offensive role. Think you can take over the Shieldbreaker for Weapons? Only cast it at the big targets.>>
      Weapons, sometimes abbreviated to Weps by higher ranking officers, is a callout to the person currently in charge of the offensive armaments of a spacecraft. While most prevalent on military and pirate vessels, the role may also be found on certain civilian and mercantile ships depending upon the organization and anticipated risks.   On smaller or lesser-armed ships, Weapons' responsibilities may encompass the full armaments of the vessel, while larger well-armed spacecraft may require an entire team led by an on-duty Weapons officer. Their required knowledge depends upon the ship and its weapons, with most armed spacecraft including preset settings but some set merely to amplify the spellwork of the Mage controlling them.   Weapons typically works closely with Shielding and Maneuverability for maximum lethality of their efforts.  
    Admiral Kydell scowled, rubbing the bridge of his nose. And today had been going so well. "What do you mean you can't aim it?"   The young battle mage before him flinched at every word, but held his ground. "The new experimental weapons, Sir. They amplify the spells I send through them, exactly as we were told." He squeezed his eyes shut, the next statement cascading from his mouth in a torrent of disowned words. "But there's no way to direct it where to go so it just hits everything in front of us please don't hurt me I'm doing my best I swear." He cracked one eye to watch Kydell. "Sir."
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    Weapons, Weps
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    Generic article | May 25, 2022

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