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    A catchall for bandits, smugglers, raiders, and mercenaries for hire, the label "pirate" refers to anyone attempting to eke out an existence within the Void and on the edge of the law – or completely outside it. It's a hard life, and often a short one, but the promise of freedom from the rules of the universe and its factions serves as an enticing promise to many seeking a new start.  


    Many pirates begin their careers fleeing from the repercussions of past choices. Deserters and criminals spanning multiple factions and walks of life can often be found on the same crew, often fulfilling the same roles that caused their troubles with the law in the first place. There's safety in numbers, and sometimes the skills of an individual prove more valuable than the bounty on their head, provided they can be trusted not to slit any throats when it's their turn on watch.  


    In a war torn universe, there's always credits to be made. The Vardan take great care not to trade in goods which would threaten their neutrality, and an enterprising crew with a flexible morality can readily find opportunities where the legal methods fall short of a client's needs. Navigating the Void as a wanted criminal requires a bold cunning, and it doesn't take much to redirect those same skills into acquiring whatever goods, services, or individuals are in most demand at the present moment. Crews often form preferences on their types of quarry, but many remain flexible depending on the offered payment.  


    Some pirate crews form closer ties with a particular Faction or government, serving as a skillful but deniable extension of their patron organization's will. Typically referred to as privateers or mercenaries, these crews gain added benefits from their employer, often in the form of safe berthing, higher quality repairs, and temporary amnesty – all amenities not typically afforded to pirates. Relationships are fickle, however, and these agreements are prone to dissolve once the arrangement is deemed no longer benificial to the patron.   The Mordena mercenaries have managed to avoid many of the stigmas attached to their chosen profession. The size of their Grand Armada, their work with the Freehold Coalition, and their successful claim of the planet Janikk have all lent them a degree of credibility not typically afforded to smaller mercenary groups. The Mordena's insistence on awarding their contract negotiators the title of Ambassador only serves to further this perception.
    Alternative Names
    bandit, smuggler, raider, mercenary, deserter, bounty hunter

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    Generic article | May 25, 2022

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