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The Mordena's Ambassadors carry the responsibility for upholding the mercenary organization's fearsome reputation, building goodwill with the surrounding community, negotiating new contracts, coordinating the efforts to fulfill existing contracts, ensuring the defense of the Embassy and its hosting planet, and guaranteeing the well being of their staff. When handling the affairs of their Embassy, Ambassadors answer only to the Navarchs.


Mordena Ambassadors are selected by the Navarch of Mordena Public Relations, often with input from the Grand Navarch or other Public Relations staff. Ambassadors are selected largely based upon their negotiation skills, although skills in strategy and knowledge of the cultures, histories, and values of their stationed planet and surrounding neighbors are also taken under consideration.


Many news agencies had special reports on other aspects of the mercenaries. Daoff spit out his water at the deep dive on the Ambassador and her extensive work with the neighborhood orphanage. Was not expecting that. Several outlets interviewed bystanders to ask their thoughts on the Mordena and their feelings about the attack. The general consensus agreed that the mercenaries had invested a lot of time and attention into the betterment of their community, with many proudly announcing the SDL had a nasty surprise coming for them because the Mordena would not stand for this unprovoked attack on their neighborhood.
  To foster good will on their stationed planet, Ambassadors are expected to remain involved in the local community where they and their Embassy are stationed. This could take whatever form the Ambassador deems appropriate, provided the community surrounding the Embassy appreciates the efforts and it does not involve the Mordena in local politics. Ambassadors are also responsible for the health and well being of their staff, including morale.


An Ambassador is personally responsible for the smooth operation of their entire Embassy, from new and existing client negotiations, public outreach, and the daily needs of their entire staff including such items as leave approval, childcare, physical and mental health care, and meals. Ambassadors also have full authority with any defensive ships and forces assigned to their Embassy.   Delegation is highly encouraged in whichever way the Ambassador feels most suitable for their Embassy, with the stipulation that the Ambassador is personally responsible for any decisions made and actions taken by their Embassy and staff. As a result staff and Ambassador tend to form close professional relationships built on trust and communication.


Those serving as Ambassadors may come from any branch of the Mordena, and as such may hold ranks or titles in addition to that of Ambassador. Regardless of their standing within the Mordena as a whole, within their Embassy an Ambassador's word is law, subject only to decisions by the Navarchs or the Grand Navarch himself.

Accoutrements & Equipment

Ambassadors are entitled to wear the Mordena Uniform, regardless of whether or not they also hold rank within the Grand Armada. Permitted collar pins are the standard red and black Mordena logo bordered in their choice of black or gold, or the white logo variant used by the Mordena Civilian Corps. Trousers may or may not include the red leadership stripe.   Unique to those serving as an Ambassador, the Mordena also provide a heavy black cloak, the inside lined with red, sometimes accompanied by red trim along the outer edges and clasped around the neck by a pair of the standard Mordena logo. The cloaks include a stiff upturned collar to protect the neck and are intended to cover the Ambassador in their entirety from the neck down, hiding their body language, posture, and hands from view. Thick and heavily warded against both physical and magical attacks, they make a powerful statement the rare times they are worn.
Civic, Diplomatic
Form of Address
Source of Authority
Navarch of Mordena Public Relations
Reports directly to
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