Mind Pallika laughed, a light and melodious sound. "Oh, Honey. All us Minds are dead. We just decided to spend our Afterlife helping the Minder with our topics of expertise."   Daoff blinked. This was unexpected. "Why?"   "He did the same for us." It was clear by her tone she felt this was an obvious answer. "He leads by example, and so we'll follow him anywhere."
  The Minds voluntarily serve as the Afterlife Intelligences within the Mordena's hivemind supercomputer. Each Mind has their own area of technological expertise, and each has their own reasons for choosing to serve the Mordena's interests after their own death.


Minds are deceased members of the Mordena who possess some form of knowledge expertise and choose to share their insights and experience after their death. The type or classification of knowledge is immaterial, only its potential usefulness in analyzing intelligence or planning missions matters.


Minds choose the role based upon their conversations with an Afterlife Planner upon their death. Not all deceased Mordena choose to join MORTAC, with others selecting resurrection via a Reconstruction Clone, life as an Afterlife Intelligence within a machine or device, or even passing on into The Afterlife if they decide their time upon the mortal plane has come to an end.   Those who choose to become a MORTAC mind are soulbound with a modified binding to several tyrellium crystals which are then added to the various MORTAC servers throughout Vazdimet. Life as a Mind is largely voluntary, with members able to leave at will to jump servers or even reside within the Afterlife, although those who prove regularly unreliable with their expected duties will be removed from service.


Those who choose to join MORTAC continue to garner the respect of their peers and influence the everyday actions of the Mordena. Those with living friends and relatives are able to easily communicate with them and participate in their lives, and Mind can choose to select a different Afterlife Plan at any point. Those still seeking help from the Mordena for personal reasons are also able to continue to assist in the preparations for those endeavors.
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MORTAC Minds   Related Prose
Blood and Water, Chapter 1
Mind Pallika giggled. "My Mama wanted me to be a dentist, can you believe that? She wasn't too happy with me, running off to be a mercenary, but she understood. You can't find this sense of family just anywhere these days."   "Family...?" Daoff hadn't considered that anyone might join the mercenary organization for anything other than their fair share of the Mordena's exorbitant fees.   "You know, family! The people who look out for you because they want to? Because you belong. Because you matter to them." Her every word was a melody. "You outsiders just don't understand. You see all these big stories and you think they're too big, that we're over here exaggerating everything for attention. You ever stop and think maybe they're too small? Maybe you're only seeing part of the picture? Maybe you only know what we want you to know?" She snorted, a surprisingly ladylike sound. "No, you just keep on living like you know everything."


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I adore both the idea and role of the Minds. They're able to continue to do as they please within the Mordena after death, but because the Mordena is like that last excerpt you have in there, the ones who choose becoming a Mind gives them a way to continue helping the family they love and insure that knowledge is not lost but put to its most effective use. Awesome job!

You are doing a great job! Keep creating; I believe in you!
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