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Jannadael Children's Library

The Jannadael Children's Library offers a collection of furniture, toys, costumes, and printed books, available for trade or loan to Jannadael children of all ages. The loan library operates a network of sites across Janikk, rotating their available stock at each location to keep things fresh for the local children.

Public Agenda

The library was founded to provide easy entertaining and educational options for parents, offering a revolving array of toys and reading materials as their children ages out of their existing options. Over time they have since expanded their scope, frequently dealing directly with children themselves.   The Children's Library has come to believe all children benefit from the opportunity to choose when to pass on their old toys, and allowing them the opportunity to not only trade for new treasures, but also see other children excited about their old, discarded toys, helps teach the value of the ever-present generosity that forms the foundation of Jannadael society. Their methods of implementing the exchange have successfully brought many parents on board with their views.  


Items on display at the library are available for immediate loan, with delivery options for furniture. If a patron seeks an item not available at their current location, they are able to search the catalogs of other sites in the network, or make requests for new stock if they're unable to find what they need.   Patrons are encouraged to trade in items they no longer need when borrowing from the library, although this is by no means a requirement, especially for new parents. Used and damaged items are refurbished and repaired prior to presenting for loan, as required, while new or gently used items are merely washed. The library also makes frequent requests from Mordena Public Relations for off world toys and wares, depending upon the current popular trends.   It is expected that most items borrowed from the library be returned once they are no longer of interest to the children who borrowed them, but a certain level of attrition is accounted for due to lost toys, or those which have earned the privilege of joining a child's collection of timeless favorites.

Sharing Joy with Every Child

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Alternative Names
The Toy Library
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