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Tuck's Hillboroughs

A Wealthy Neighbourhood

Tuck's Hillboroughs is a neighborhood that lays in the northwestern reaches of Greenbuck Half, and is a place for the more affluent Halflings to live in. Genial green fields lay across rolling hills that slowly climb into the high hills of the Hile Dwarf Lands. Built into these hills are many Halfling holes. Their walls are painted white, and their homes do not intrude on the natural land but augment it. Various herd animals wander and graze on the lush pastures, managed by hired Halfling servants.

Wealthy Halflings enjoy walking. They will take their time to do everything. A wealthy Halfling's life is more luxurious and relaxed than even a regular halfling's. They devote themselves to writing books, or to expanding and decorating their ever-expanding halfling holes.

Largest of all Halfling manors in Tuck's Hillboroughs is Big Old Morton's place. Its entrance - an overground mansion made in the southern Seinis style - will lead to a vast underground wooden complex, built by specialized Dwarrow craftsmen from Felegost. Big Old Morton is a generous and wealthy Halfling. He shares his wealth freely, and many parties are had at his place both aboveground and within the underground hallways.

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