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The Eastern Dragons

Dragonlike Things

The Eastern Dragon is not a proper dragon. There are many forms of the Eastern Dragon. Sometimes they come in the form of a turtle or a fish; most of the time they appear as a serpent with four legs with a lizard's or lion's face. The Eastern Dragon is widely believed to be real in the Far East, in the kingdoms of the Yan, with temples dedicated to the greatest of the dragons found in great number in the central plains of the Eighteen Provinces.

The Eastern Dragon, more succinctly called a Cahl, is most often represented as an articulation of the forces of nature. Cahl's vary in strength depending on their position in the natural order. For instance, the Four Dragons of the Wind are among the most powerful of the Cahl and are said to carry the winds of the earth in bowls of silver which they upend upon the land as they please. Greatest of the Cahl is the Sky Emperor. He resides in heaven and maintains the celestial order. The Cahl of myth is a benevolent and wise creature.

These articulations of nature are said to be the most numerous of the Cahl, but they have never with reliability been reported to be seen, found, or sensed with Magic by the Yan people. This myth of the Eastern Dragons is probably perpetuated by the actual Cahl, who are rather powerful sorcerers who have transformed themselves into a deadlier form. These Cahl are dangerous and ruthless. To see one is to invite death, as these Cahl prize secrecy above all else. Many think these Cahl are the true rulers of the Far East and that they pull the strings of all the warlords and kings, but who knows what is true in these times of strife?

Supposedly the Eastern Dragons are comparable in might to a proper dragon.

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