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The Black Dragon

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  The Black Dragon is the name of a chain of taverns and inns in the Draconian Empire, on Freebooter's Rock, and elsewhere in Known Space. It is known for its amazing, exotic food, its strong drink available for a variety of species, and above all, for being the home base of the Black Dragon Society, a powerful criminal syndicate that takes it upon itself to dispense vigilante justice.

Purpose / Function

The Black Dragon is, nominally, a way for the owners of the tavern to expand some of their already-considerable wealth. In reality, the tavern chain is intended as a means of exchanging and gathering information, keeping tabs on significant events in interstellar politics, and providing a safe house and an escape route for themselves and their agents whenever necessary. While most people believe that the Black Dragon Society is a criminal syndicate (and that's true,) its purpose is actually to manipulate politics to benevolent ends where possible, and to dispense vigilante justice where the system can't when it is not possible.


Tokama Strongarm and Oolong Tesseract-Troi purchased a rambling, rundown inn and tavern in the chromatic district of Alarah on Draconia a couple of hundred years ago. They immediately hired some good friends to do a complete remodeling. They replaced the paneling (which allowed them to install secret doors and spy holes,) the flooring (which allowed them to install a hidden trap door or two,) and the root cellar and wine cellar (which allowed them to install secret exits and hidden passages.)  
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With the aid of some archmage adventuring friends, they also had portals installed that link every Black Dragon to every other Black Dragon in Known Space, if one knows how to access them -- from Alarah to Symmerin to Freebooter's Rock


The architecture suggests a fairly typical, sprawling Allyri building, with large windows, two upper floors, a ground floor, and a basement level (with rooms to let). The chairs are the most significant feature, however; they range from a variety of chairs and couches, to benches and stools, to big leather and rubber blocks with down padding that can be arranged any number of ways.   The front of the building, unlike many buildings in Alarah, also features a hitching-post and a water trough.
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The Black Dragon
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