Ceaque is a mystery, even to other deities. He calls no planet or dimension home. He wandered before he met Aseris, never lingering long in one place or one plane. He never speaks of parents or kin, though he is known as a doting father to his three children. Some believe him the embodiment of universal magick, though most scoff at this idea.   No one knows exactly who Ceaque is.  
  Happenstance attracted him to Aseris's work on Velvynis. He basically wandered past while she discussed ideas with Leivanthallisie, noted her interesting take on a few world building ideas, and asked to help. Neither dreamed of saying no. Martaek noticed his interest, and wondered what the Wandering Dark found so intriguing. He joined the project.   Ceaque knew Saeotheroil, having met her on one of his lazy walks through the world of Brekent. He knew she found little of interest in her own residence, so offered her a chance to broaden her horizons. Honored, she accepted.   Ceaque found Aseris's excitement contagious and invigorating. He, as the other four, were quite taken with their new world, and, though he did not show it, was most broken when it sundered. He considered it a child, and mourned for it accordingly. This was why he saved the remains from Aseris's wrath, reminding her that she was a creator, not a destroyer.   For her part in the Velvynis tragedy, Ceaque refused to forgive Zoerzhe, and nothing has yet changed his mind. He knew Aseris considered her, the first-born, the first sylfaodolon, to be her child, but he also knew Zoerzhe rejected the claim as she rejected what Aseris wrought. Aseris claimed that the wayward deity was her responsibility, so he chose to bide his time, knowing, eventually, the sylf would make a mistake that would end her existence.  
  Ceaque watched as Aseris matured in her outlook and created Elthessera. He found himself even more taken with her. He realized his wandering had ended, and he would bide with her for as long as she would have him.   He created twilight from the remains of the first sphere, delighted to grant Aseris something that returned a bit of happiness to her heart, delighted to create something beautiful from destruction. It was a place of darker lights and peace, soothing and graceful. So were the creatures he created to inhabit it.   The sunlit realm, Arberiss and the Nine Abysses took shape. He realized that a transitional space would help the link between all four realms, so created the twilight mists. It, too, was a place of darker lights and peace, filled with soft mists and mildness. It, perhaps, even more closely reflected himself than twilight.   Aseris chose to retreat, and he accompanied her. Surprised at the offer, she accepted, but she quickly realized he meant far more to her than mere building companion.  
  Ceaque's second child, Ahlsihng, decided to join her father. Aseris accepted her eagerness to study and live on Elthessera with delight. Whether her arrival prompted it or not, not long after, Ceaque and Aseris decided to have a child.   Their joy was short-lived. Jealous, hateful sylfaodolon posed a threat to their son. Furious, Ceaque vowed to cleanse their existence. Aseris asked him to wait, and cemented her bond with Gada Kiore. Aseris, not Ceaque, rode through Arberiss, as a warning--for if Ceaque had done so, none who engendered his rage would have continued to exist after the encounter. Instead, they ended up in an Abyss, to rethink, reform.   While Aseris cares for the tantrums of the sylfaodolon, his threat stands. They know he will carry through--he did so once, with a violence that none wish to bring upon themselves. Most regard him as easy-going, delightful, soft and gentle, but once provoked, even the most devastating earthquake, the most cataclysmic volcanic eruption, the most destructive hurricane, cannot equal his wrath.   Ceaque is more involved with twilight and the twilight mists than Aseris is in the sunlit realm, and the inhabitants greatly appreciate his attention.

all of them
Night black
Starry night
Ceaque is considered the most magickally-gifted being in this universe. It colors all that he does.
Ceaque does not have a magickal nature that limits his involvement with spells of an opposite focus.   Mortals associate him with twilight, the twilight mists, darkness sprinkled with stars' illumination, and the concept of inbetween.

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