Unit 37-1

The command unit of Inferno's units. Unlike the majority of command units, this one sees a lot of combat. Their commander, Inferno himself, holds a low opinion of units that don't contribute to the Legion's war efforts directly. Being part of his command unit means being willing to regularly participate in battles.



The unit consists of 20 tanks, with no attached supply vehicles or mechanics. Occasionally, they employ a spotter plane.


Like all of his units, Inferno's command unit also uses flamethrower tanks. At the moment, there are three Flammpanzer 38, two KVs, and an M67 in the unit. The rest of the tanks are powerful elite warriors, mostly medium and heavy tanks.


Logistical Support

Unit 37-1 usually doesn't stay in one place for a long time. Like its subsidiary units, it mainly acts as support for other Legion units and doesn't have a HQ. It shows up in other HQs or camps, takes the supplies that Inferno thinks it is entitled to, and leaves after doing the job.


New members of this unit are chosen by Inferno from tanks of his regular units that he sees or hears of performing well in battle. Sometimes, tanks from other generals' units catch his eye and he has them transferred (if the respective general is either below him in rank or allows it).   While being recruited for Inferno's units is generally seen as punishment or bad luck, it's considered an honour to be part of the command unit by its members.


Unit 37-1 was founded when Inferno was assigned General of the Legion by Armageddon. Upon receiving the title, Inferno received complete freedom in regards to the composition of his command unit. He discarded most of the members of his previous unit and demanded skilled fighters to be allocated to his new unit.   A lot of tanks were sent his way, but he held his own auditions to find out who of them were really "worth the steel they're made of". Not a lot of them survived those.

Commander Inferno
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