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This is not the land of the Tengu. They have no love for Tairos, In fact, they hate it.   They fled from a land across the ocean leaving behind a home that was swallowed by war, despotism, and death. They rarely speak of it and the darkness that claimed their nests. Their great ships took them west in the hopes of finding a new land free from the suffering they left behind and instead they found a blasted continent full of the last few survivors of a self-inflicted apocalypse.   The Tengu hate Tairos with all their hearts because it is a mirror in many ways of the place they left behind. The morose and dour nature of the Tengu is a result of their bitter struggle for survival and the final reward being the vast ruin of their new land.   This new race arrived less than a century ago, their water-ravaged vessels beaching on the eastern shores near the dwarven mountain holds. The Dwarves had neither the army nor the interest in pushing them from the small plot of land. Ghal Pelor was interested in having a new neighbor to trade with and to strengthen their own position in the plains.   Few of the other races genuinely care about the Tengu but only the Elves truly dislike them. The peasantry views the Tengu as distrustful traveling merchants selling curses and dreadful knowledge. The High Born elves assume that whatever the Tengu fled would one day become Tairos’ problem. As much as the elves would wish to see the Tengu pushed back into the ocean, Ghal Ankhar has championed their cause. And the Tengu are not at all blind to the reason.   Tengu alone possess the same knowledge of harnessing magic into physical form as the fae. What the Autumn Queen called Manacite the Tengu call Spell Stone. Spell Stone is the only means of successfully casting magic without any chance of mishap and Tairos is in constant need of that luxury.   Only the most powerful Spell Shapers among the Tengu can craft the stones and this alone has given every race reason enough reason to let their caravans pass freely. The elves are the only ones who push back. Likely because the High Born have enough of the Queen’s Manacite to feel comfortable enough for now or because they fear the peasants learning the true value of the Tengu over their own rule.   The Tengu view all of the other races and their many strange politics and beliefs as utterly childish and contemptuous. They also lack the ability to speak subtly or mask their feelings with niceties. They’re a blunt people who are viewed as rude, wealthy outsiders by most but even that opinion isn’t enough to wipe the delight from the faces of those that spot a Tengu caravan coming to their township.

Basic Information


Avian characteristics with humanoid physiology

Genetics and Reproduction

Sexual reproduction and external incubation in eggs

Ecology and Habitats

Tengu seem capable of existing in any environment though the loathe the north and it's eternal cold

Dietary Needs and Habits

Grains, nuts, fruits similar fare. Tengu eat very little meat. Their beaks are not made for the consumption of anything larger than small insects

Additional Information

Facial characteristics

Beak, large eyes

Geographic Origin and Distribution

For the most part, Tengu are only found in the regions in and around Tengu Town. Only a few have individuals have begun venturing outside that area

Average Intelligence

Tengu have access to some sciences and technology that are alien to Tairos. Most famous among these is the arcane craft of forging manacite. (Which they call Spell Stone)

Civilization and Culture

Naming Traditions

Naming conventions are carried over from the old homeland. Names are often selected for new born Tengu after they have survived their year of life because of traditionally low survival rates. Community leaders generally choose the names of each young Tengu. The reason behind name selection can be alien and esoteric. Some names may be chosen because the stars or winds dictated that any name chosen that day must start with a Z. Other names might be chosen because no new Tengu has carried the name for a while.

Major Organizations

Tengu Merchant Union- Many other races see this organization as economic spies. The Merchant Union tries to find inroads with all the other businesses and industries that operate across Tairos and using highly cooperative Tengu practices they then work to drive the local business into extinction.

Beauty Ideals

Clean Feathers and displays of grooming. Tengu also find displays of logic and intelligence very attractive

Gender Ideals

Tengu have no ideals that are specific to gender

Courtship Ideals

Tengu courtships are generally cold by the comparison of other races. Pairings are usually organized at the discretion of local elders and the Tengu ruling entity, the Conclave.

Major Language Groups and Dialects

Tengu Speak and The Common Tongue

Common Etiquette Rules

Tengu treat each with a calculated logic. They try to emulate some of the more "bombastic" attitudes and etiquette of the other races. Tengu often have racial experts that will be brought along to any dealing with another race.

Common Dress Code

Tengu enjoy brighter clothing and shiny jewelry, trinkets and baubles.

Common Taboos

Strong displays of emotion, making decisions quickly without due consideration.

Historical Figures

The Conclave contains all of the races major historical figures

Common Myths and Legends

Tengu do not have myths in the traditional sense. Their Conclave, which contains their racial memory and the minds of those that have come before, occupies a place of honor in their stories. Stories from the old homeland are spoken of only briefly and with something as close as possible to anger for a Tengu
80-90 years
Average Height
4 feet to 5 feet
Average Weight
Average Physique
Frail compared to many other races. Their avian heritage has left them with rather brittle bones and little in the way of muscle
Body Tint, Colouring and Marking
Black feathered body with grey or sometimes yellow scales on their feet


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