Seriel The Returned

Seriel shares the same origin as her twin sister Jedha The Magistrate. She too was created by Vale The Architect to be an instrument of war. And, as war became unnecessary she was tasked with becoming a champion to the primitive mortals of Tairos like her sister. Vale gave souls to both Jedha and Serial so that they could truly embrace what it meant to care for such fragile things.
In the Vale Manuscripts it states that Seriel struggled with her new emotions and her duty to Vale. She would obsess over the safety of mortals and their fragile nature. Her sister Jedha would often have to hold her back from exterminating even the smallest threat to to safety of mortal life. If not for the actions of Jedha and Vale then Serial would have drove primitive orcs, goblins and other species to extinction.
Eventually, a mortal would be born that she would pour all of her turbulent emotions into, someone who would become her anchor. Her purpose. Someone she would fall in love with. A simple mortal from the race of Halflings
She rescued the halfling from a roaming band of orcs, incinerating them all with her divine fire. He was charismatic, kind and treated her as an equal and not divinity. And she looked at him not as a concept to guard but an individual worth cherishing.
Repeatedly, she would protect her love from the march of time; restore his youth over and over, eventually granting him a small portion of her essence to make him immortal. This was noticed by her sister Jedha who demanded the violation end and the halfling expire. His soul belonged to Neros The Companion and Seriel was to answer to Sandor The Guardian of Tairos for breaking his decree.  
The two sisters fought and their brutal conflict is said to have shattered mountains and carved great wounds in the earth that would one day become rivers. In the end Seriel was left broken and her lover killed by Jedha’s hands. Neros and Tatayne The Breath of Life would help the crippled goddess die and cast her lifeless form into the silence of the heavens.
Yet some spark within her endured. Enough of a soul remained to be driven to the edge of madness at her loss and her eternal drifting prison. Enough soul, enough pain and enough desire for her to be found… to be whispered to by thirsting shadows. Enough hatred to answer their question. That question- What do you want? Her answer- Revenge
Seriel returned to Tairos forever changed by the touch of Oblivion. She searches for a way to walk the mortal realm again to hunt for her sister’s soul. Should she find it she would force it upon Jedha and then inflict upon her every pain she could. Followers of this bleak goddess are bitter, dejected and desperate individuals who seek her help in righting the wrongs done to them no matter the consequences. They build no temples, there is no organized religion or holy books. Only bloody acts of vengeance that mirror the savage desire of their patron.

Divine Domains

Chaos, Strength, Air, Darkness and Strength

Holy Books & Codes

Seriel has no holy text. The only thing she values is quick and brutal action.

Divine Symbols & Sigils

Seriel's symbol is a bloody hand . Her followers usually dip their hands in the blood of their victims and leave a smeared hand print somewhere visible. Her favored weapon is her shattered long sword and the symbol of a broken long sword is often used to represent her as well.

Tenets of Faith

She has no specific tenants other than her feelings on mercy. Mercy is a weakness and a sin.

Divine Goals & Aspirations

Seriel's only goal is to find the soul of her sister Jedha and force it back on her. Then, Seriel hopes to unleash an eternity of torture on Jedha.
Divine Classification


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