Dead Man's Jubilee

The client is paying good money if you can make sure that Trevor "Spider Bite" Penrod loses an arm at the Dead Man's Jubilee
It's a rare thing see an event that gathers the Pirate Lords of Far Harbor into one location and not see a bloody street war follow on its heels. However; one of the few occasions which can be held under a banner of peace is the Dead Man's Jubilee. It is held in the honor of Pirate Lord Thorton Whistler and the crew of his ill-fated vessel, the Broken Bell. It's not just the Pirate Lords who take part in the week-long celebration but the general population as well. Celebrations are held across the Far Harbor, Stepping Stone Island, and onboard most ships at sea too.
There is no method of celebration that has become mandatory, such an idea of be anathema to the spirit of Far Harbor. That said, a party is always at the core of the effort. There are some gatherings that treat event like a sober funeral, burying or burning Pirate Lord Whistler in effigy, and culminating in a noisome wake. Some turn it into a week of jubilation that reaches a debauched crescendo on the final night where all is permissible and no indulgence or crime is left unexplored. For most however; it is a week that sees parties, drink, food, and games occupy every waking moment.
While each method of celebration may differ there are a few key themes that serve as the foundation of the holiday. First and foremost is that of a truce. Just like Whistler and his crew this is a time to set aside only grudges (temporarily, in most cases) and celebrate the here-and-now. A frequent toast overheard during these celebrations certainly helps to reinforce this idea - Drink to the last of todays. Another form of celebration that is often seen during this time is gifting. During those final moments the crew of the Broken Bell had no interest in property or ownership, everything belonged to everyone. That sentiment has echoed through the decades and taken the form of gifting, offering services or products for extreme discounts, and acts of charity that are usually unheard of in Far Harbor. Lastly, games and gambling. Whistler was a renowned card shark and billiards player who never missed the chance to play a game. In fact, many believe his final moments were spent at his billiards table lining and sinking the perfect shot as the killing wave sundered the ship.
The event is often closed out with a simple gesture of one coin (usually gold though whatever can be afforded) being dropped into an unfinished drink. It is meant to represent the Broken Bell's party being cut short and a way of paying one's own passage to the next world when their time comes too. These coins belong to then belong to the host. Those at sea during the celebration will typically drop a coin in an unfinished drink and toss the entire cup overboard after a final cheers and sip. For daring party-goers who choose to celebrate at the Infernal Staircase, the whirlpool herself is the host... the coins and cups belong to her.

Components and tools

Drinks, games, food, and a coin at the end of the event


The host is the most important and honored person at the these events. Gifts are often presented to whomever is offering to host a party or event. The longer or more grand the celebration they are putting on the more generous a gift is expected to be given (within means). The host is the metaphysical representation of the Infernal Staircase- they provide for the greatest celebration of a life time but they also reap their inevitable reward in the end.


The celebration takes place once a year during the last week of the Autumn Harvest. The Pirate Lords celebrate as well but once every five years they themselves all gather for a very exclusive gala all to themselves. This is generally hosted by one of the lords themselves with the duty rotating each time. In recent times the Emerald Lady, Halenestra Shandalar, has offered to host the event onboard her luxury galleon The Emerald Caress.
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