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The Divine Yisair, Sovereign of Death

They claim to be masters of science and magic, and yet insist the sun is evil. Without it, how would we survive? It's preposterous.
— Etin Decalen
Yisair is a powerful god in Yutromorch, though not afforded the same reverence as the patron deity of the region, Be'ari. Sovereign over Death, Fire, and Light, Yisair is often maligned for their role in numerous attacks on humanity. Despite this many in the region's northeast, particularly among the Orchene, place Yisair in high regard as a provider of justice.


Yisair was among the first gods born, as the only child of the primordial sky god. Despite their seniority within the pantheon, Yisair found their abilities were of little use in the forming of the world or the creation of humanity, instead being suited for the mundane task of creating weather.   The boringness of their task, as compared to Be'ari's forming of landmasses and creation of the Duanam, swiftly bred resentment in the sun deity. They harried the new mortals with devastating storms and intense flames, and often fought outright wars against Be'ari themself.   None of these wars resulted in a conclusive winner, though it seemed to many that Yisair's goal was less to win and more to ruin the world. As a result, the last battle over humanity ended when Be'ari removed their heart to grant the duanam the ability to use magic themselves, with which they were able to repel Yisair's destruction.   While this should have been an end to Yisair's influence over humanity, it was anything but. As the cultures of the land changed due to the presence of magic, certain groups found themselves left out of power. Among these groups, such as the Orchene, Yisair was able to encourage them on a path of resistance. To them, Yisair became a symbol of revolution and justice, who was being deliberately prevented from entering Yutromorch because of the challenge they posed to Be'ari's order. As such, many who have felt disrespected by the status quo have turned to worship Yisair ove the centuries.


For those who worship Yisair, it is almost always in direct opposition to the worship of Be'ari. This conflict is often embodied in how Yisair is honoured, which some rituals including the deliberate wasting of 'holy water' and the melting of earthen materials to signify Yisair's eventual victory over the earth god. Religious ceremonies will take place in broad daylight so that Yisair can witness them and grant blessings to the proceedings, and small sacrifices of precious objects will be burnt in their honour.
Divine Classification
Destruction Deity
As old as the world
Divine Domains
Oh, sure, Yisair caused the deaths of many duanam in the Old Age. But how many deaths have been caused by the system Be'ari established with their own death? Answer that for me, and I'll consider it.
— Kir Ferim


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