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Written by Isaac Thompson

The Divine Be'ari, Sovereign of Life

Be'ari is not dead! They merely slumber beneath us, giving their energy to support our growth. Without their sacrifice, we would not have magic. We would be little more than pale shadows under the glare of that cruel sun, Yisair!
— Priest
Be'ari is the patron deity of the people of Yutromorch. Sovereign over Life, Earth, and Magic, they are greatly revered. Despite the prominence of their worship they are not a very active god, being trapped in slumber since the dawn of humanity.


Be'ari was born near the beginning of time, and was the only child of a primordial ocean god. Using their ability to raise mountains they set about forming the world, creating many of its landmasses. The emptiness of this world bored them, and Be'ari molded humanity from clay to set them free to roam and create, all under their watchful guidance.   However, Be'ari was not the only deity present. Their creation caught the eye of the so-called vengeful sun, Yisair, a god born of the primordial sky. Unlike Be'ari, Yisair could not create land or life, and they grew jealous of the adoration the former received from humans. This jealousy turned to anger and war, with the two fighting many battles throughout the ages. All ended in stalemate, but also caused the deaths of many humans.   Exhausted with this seemingly eternal struggle for control, Be'ari resolved to stop their war for good. They drew from their chest an immense glowing crystal, which had fueled their magic since their creation. Be'ari gave this crystal to their followers, instructing them to use its power to prevent Yisair from bringing harm to humanity ever again. The loss of this crystal sapped Be'ari of all their strength, and they collapsed into the ocean not long thereafter.   Their body, which formed its own landmass, is now known as Yutromorch to its inhabitants. Their crystal heart has been returned to them by being placed in the center of a vast caldera that marked where it had been removed. Despite this, Be'ari has never woken up, and their heart continues to fuel human magic to this day.


Be'ari is the only deity worshipped by the majority of Yutromorch, revered as the giver of life and power. This worship takes many forms, but most commonly involves a regular pilgrimage to their crystal heart to pray for Be'ari to grant them strength. Many will make regular offerings to Be'ari as thanks for their guidance and sacrifice, with offerings ranging from food to pictures to small inventions powered by crystal fragments, which will be buried to return them to the deity.
Divine Classification
Creator Deity
Divine Domains
As old as the world
We should not delude ourselves. Ripping your heart from your chest isn't something you come back from. Be'ari is dead, and rather than continue to offer meagre sacrifices to their health, we must move onwards. Lingering in the past dishonours their sacrifice.
— Streetside Preacher


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