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Written by Isaac Thompson

Sure, sure, there are other things out in the world that walk and talk and do magic and all that. But how many of those can say that they are the children of a god? That they have the blood of the divine in their veins? Only the duanam can claim that lineage!
— Soras Je'Vinn
Duanam are the primary sapient species in Yutromorch. Humanoid with glowing crystals in their chest, they are capable of wielding great magic and have created many advanced technologies.


Duanams are just like typical humans in many respects, with a key difference - instead of a flesh and blood heart, they possess a glowing crystal in the center of their chest. This crystal does not 'beat', but rather sends regular magical pulses through the body, which carry oxygen and energy around in the same manner that blood would. This crystal glows a soft lilac colour, and glows brighter when the duanam is physically or emotionally stressed.   They can be many colours, with skin tones ranging from limestone to slate, with various sandstone hues and marbling also possible. Hair colours tend to be muted and not very saturated, but otherwise follow typical human colours. Duanam eyes glow very softly, just like the crystal in their chest, and can be nearly any colour you can imagine.  

Genetics & Reproduction

Duanams have no biological gender, and are capable of reproducing with one or more other duanam. Having children is a conscious decision among intimate partners, as if none of them want to carry the child to term, no child will come from their unions. If one (or more) or them wants to have a child, there is a random chance that a small crystal will form inside one of them, which will grow into a baby over the course of 4 months.


Naturally, duanam are not monolithic in biology or culture. There are many sub-divisions of duanam that are used throughout Yutromorch, but the largest or more significant categories are:
  • Dhunkri'a - Most commonly found in the central region, Dhunkri'a are some of the most devoted worshippers of Be'ari. Their control over Be'ari's Heart grants them much prosperity, and they are among the tallest and most long lived of the duanams.
  • Orchene - Found on the north and eastern coasts, the Orchene are the least devoted to Be'ari, largely choosing to worship Yisair. The mountain ranges keep them from having access to Be'ari's Heart, and their harsh environment results in being and living shorter.
  • Elanmar - Frequent in on the southern coast and the small outlying islands, the Elanmar are hard working and focus more on the strength of their technology than the power of absent gods. They tend to be quite tall, but do not live as long as the Dhunkri'a.
  • Sgalein - Living underground and high in the mountains, the Sgalein are rather short and long lived. While their journeys into the earth were spurred by religious devotion, some communities are not very pious.
Average Height
1.7 - 1.9 metres
Average Weight
62 - 97 kg
Related Ethnicities


The common tale of the origin of duanams is that they were formed from stone by the god Be'ari, who imbued the creatures with small chips from their own crystal heart in order to give them life. They were never anything but the crystal-fuelled humanoids they are today.   Archaeological evidence disputes this, pointing to extensive evidence that humanoids with the hearts of mammals inhabited Yutromorch in large numbers at some point in its past, and were its original inhabitants. For some this is still compatible with the myths of Be'ari - these creatures were given true 'life' by gaining the crystal hearts from the great god. That the duanam and these humans co-existed for quite some time is taken to mean that Be'ari individually granted magic to each person.

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