Swimming Club

Swimming club is one of many clubs that students may choose to enrol in.   The leaders running the club are Rivern Monaghan and Juju Fen, who are both well known and popular students. They represent a shining example of cross-culture friendships and are praised as excellent role model students for the school.   The swimming club is very popular in the school, especially for students who have come from island or coastal backgrounds. Landlocked students who have not yet experienced swimming are often encouraged by teachers and members of the Yellow Dragon clan to give it a go and learn how to swim. In fact, Lo Chen , Master of Seafaring , is so keen for students to learn how to swim, that he offers extra merit for all students who participate, which is seen as one of the main motivations for students to attend. Students may also find they become much more calmer around water improving their seafaring abilities.   Another popular student in the club is Mac Soar, a second year student who comes from a lesser-known mountainous region west of Medev├ęk. He is liked for his open-mindedness and gentleness towards others, while also being a very cool and capable swimmr.   Jennifer Pine, Maruk, and Isaac Fate will also attend the swimming club and compete in the 1st year competition race.   Students who find themselves performing well in their swimming may be allowed to enrol into diving club at a future date.  

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