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Huodaan is a country that is part of the Cantari - Empire through a deal known as the Sophia Accord. The Accord gives special privileges to the Huoin people in Houdaan to receive essential resources such as food and medicine, and the chance to resettle into the Cantari mainland, where they may receive welfare benefits in selected locations. The latter known as the 'Cantari Relocation Policy' became aggressively enforced in the latter years of the recently deceased Cantari Emperor.   Huodaan is known for its inhospitable land that is full of damaged ruins belonging to the Old Ones. Many citizens of Huodaan live in the ruins themselves or in specially marked caverns. It is important to recognise Huodaan symbols as some ruins are far too dangerous to venture into it, and some caverns contain active lava trials. For these reason, the majority of the population are experts of the land and the country does not receive many tourists.
Geopolitical, Country
  • Ancient ruins
  • Cave systems
  • Cracks
  • Hot Springs
  • Lava caverns
  • Lava pools
  • Underground rivers
Huodaan trade is conducted through goods, services and chips. Chips are shards created by the ancient ruins from the Old Ones that glow a strong, fluorescent blue. They do not have strong value against other currencies, but are often exported as material for jewellery.
Official Languages
Related Ethnicities

Free immigration


Protector: Cantari

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