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Tellus (/tɛlləs/)

Technology Center of the Grand Society

Tellus is one of the main central worlds and together with its sister star system, Caelus, it founded The Caelum which acts as the informal governing authority of the Grand Society. Although Caelus is the origin point for the Grand Society galactic coordinate system, Tellus contains the primary center for astrogation coordinates for the Grand Society and most of Ruartei.


Tellus contains three major population centers (2 planets, 1 planetoid), many bases, multiple warp paths, a portal communication center, astrogation center, a few research and education centers, a technology center, a transportation center, an agriculture center, a resource rich mining center with large deposits of Kratosen, and two of the Five Crowns. Its military defense is handled by Caelus.

Population Centers

  • Tellurus — planet, transportation center, technology center, research and education centers (coding, automation), agriculture center, Princess of The Five Crowns
  • Rania — planet, primary astrogation center, research and education center (astrogration), communication center for nearby portal, Prince of The Five Crowns
  • Bia — planetoid, mining center (rich in resources and Kratosen)


Origin of Name (Earth)

Roman. Tellus, goddess of the earth and land. The Greek equivalent is Gaea, mother of titans, consort of Caelus (Uranus).

Key Facts for Tellus

Status: Central
Type: F5 Star System
0.1237, 0.0254, -1.1334
Member Of
  • The Caelum
  • Grand Society
Location Under: Ruartei Space
Key Features
  • Portal (Enodia)
  • Two of the Five Crowns
  • Primary Astrogation Center
  • Kratosen
Included Locations
Warp Paths

Cover image: The Worlds of Tellus by Tulonsae using MidjourneyAI


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