Nefertem is a major star system and one of the earliest members of The Caelum. Well known for its luxury services, broad assortment of goods, and extraordinary marketplace — it's THE shopping center of the Grand Society. Easily one of the richest and most valuable star systems in Ruartei, it is protected by elite military forces from Bellona.
Nefertem contains 4 major population centers (2 planets, 1 massive space station, 1 planetoid), several bases, multiple warp paths, a portal communication center, a primary marketplace for both the Grand Society and Ruartei, a primary commercial hub, a transportation hub, major shipping center for the Grand Society, entertainment centers (elite, exotic, illicit, sports), an agriculture center, manufacturing centers (luxury products, specialty crafts), and a Phaseball team.

Population Centers

  • Maut — capital planet of Nefertem, agriculture center, manufacturing centers (basic, luxury products)
  • Shahad — planet, luxury services and goods center, entertainment centers (elite, exotic, illicit), manufacturing center (specialty crafts)
  • Almatjar — large space station, primary commercial hub of the Grand Society, extraordinary marketplace, entertainment center (sports), Phaseball team, communication center for nearby portal
  • Khonsu — planetoid, transportation hub for Nefertem, major shipping center for the Grand Society, major military base and command center (staffed by elite Bellona military personnel) which provides defense for Nefertem and nearby star systems


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Origin of Name (Earth)

Egyptian. Nefertem possibly "beautiful one who closes" or "one who does not close"; also spelled Nefertum or Nefer-temu), having arisen from the primal waters, represented both the first sunlight and the delightful smell of the Egyptian blue lotus flower. Nefertem was eventually seen as the son of the creator god Ptah, and the goddesses Sekhmet and Bast were sometimes called his mother.

Key Facts for Nefertem

Status: Major
Type: G7 Star System
Coordinates: -17.5187, -4.3088, -2.6967
Member Of
  • The Caelum
  • Grand Society
Key Features
  • Portal (Wusul)
  • Primary Commercial Hub
  • Primary Marketplace
  • Major Shipping Center
  • Luxury Services & Goods
  • Variety of Entertainment Centers
  • Phaseball Team
  • Protected by Elite Military
Included Locations
Warp Paths
  • Caelus: .25
  • Tellus: .24
  • Kutba: .22
  • Esus: .19
  • Metis: .1
  • Callista: .05

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