(TODO) capital planet and primary agriculture (for star system) as well as handling basic manufacturing, production, etc. Also known for manufacturing luxury products.


Origin of Name (Earth)

Egyptian. Mut, also known as Maut and Mout, was a mother goddess worshipped in ancient Egypt. Her name literally means mother in the ancient Egyptian language. She had many different aspects and attributes that changed and evolved a lot over the thousands of years of ancient Egyptian culture. Mut was considered a primal deity, associated with the primordial waters of Nu from which everything in the world was born. Mut was sometimes said to have given birth to the world through parthenogenesis, but more often she was said to have a husband, the solar creator god Amun-Ra. Although Mut was believed by her followers to be the mother of everything in the world, she was particularly associated as the mother of the lunar child god Khonsu.

Key Facts for Maut

Type: Planet
Location Under: Nefertem
Known For
  • Manufacturing Center (luxury products)
  • Capital Planet
  • Agriculture Center
  • Manufacturing Center (basic)

Cover image: Maut, Capital Planet of Nefertem by Tulonsae using MidjourneyAI