1st Day of the Air, Last Harvest

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Welcome to the Prime

The Prime is a world of might, magic, and mystery. Ages of heroes cycle against ages of chaos. History often repeats itself but time moves ever forward unto the dawn. Powerful deities and demigods influence the course of events but they do not control it. Fate is in the hands of the individual.   Mighty heroes are born in times of darkness and chaos. Some make history with their deeds. Others save the world in silence, their names lost forever. But the fabric of the Prime Universe knows.

A Shared World

The Prime is our shared Dungeons & Dragons world. It started in 2010 during 4th Edition with the first campaign ending in 2017. An event known as the The Starfire Calamity  disrupted the universe, shifting it from the World Axis arrangement to the Great Wheel - ushering in a 2nd campaign using 5th Edition rules.   We continue to share and grow this world with that campaign to this day. Please enjoy reading about a world that brings me and my friends so much joy.

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