The Arch refers to the worlds, planes, and the magical Weave that flows between them all. The World Axis, the arrangement of the Arch, was built before the very gods and primordials.   After the Starfire Calamity, there was a great Shattering of the Arch. Planes were ripped from reality and thrown into the nothingness of space-time. The gods were helpless to save it - the end was here. Yet, something happened. The Arch rearranged itself. The cosmology warped and changed until the Great Wheel was born. However, the Weave, once guided by divine magic, was now free...and dangerous. Practitioners of magic saw the new raw power of it, and the inherent changes and danger it brought to any magic user.
We’ll be using Magical Burnout rules to simulate this.

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Author's Notes

The “shattering of the Arch” also helped transition our D&D group from 4th Edition cosmology (World Axis) to 5th edition cosmology (Great Wheel) between our 4E and 5E campaigns.

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