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1st Day of the Air, Last Harvest

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The Prime is one of might, magic, and mystery. Ages of heroes cycle against ages of chaos. History often repeats itself but time moves ever forward unto the dawn. Powerful deities and demigods influence the course of events but they do not control it. Fate is in the hands of the individual.     Mighty heroes are born in times of darkness and chaos. Some make history with their deeds. Others save the world in silence, their names lost forever. But the fabric of the Prime Universe knows.   Magic abounds throughout the history of Prime. Wizards study it in their towers. Warlocks strike dark pacts to gain its power. And sorcerers attempt to control its natural flow through their blood. The Ancient Weave of Magika permeates the Prime Universe, no longer guided by the divines above.  
    Prime is full of mystery. For every record of an event, place, or person there are a dozen that dispute it. History is, quite largely, a mystery. The world is so vast that many never leave the shores of their continent. Even the term Prime is only used by a handful of scholars. Few have traveled from Kandalur all the way to Aer and the Dorgothian Belt. Myths travel of the Everstorm that hides much of the world. Will you pull back the curtain and discover it for yourself?  
Generic article | May 1, 2021

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