New Haven

New Haven was established 200 years after the fall of the Nerathi Empire, by Lomian a member of The God’s Chosen. New Haven was the seat of The God’s Chosen, and construction began on a town in which the refugees of the region my take shelter during these dark times. New Haven is surrounded by a half-circle exterior wall, forty feet tall and fifteen feet thick with three gates: the Main Gate is situated on the road and is called the Celestial Gate; there are two identical gates on either side of the circular wall, known as the sister gates one is called the Gate of the Moon and the opposite is called the Gate of the Sun. Situated on the main road, that leads from the Celestial Gate to the Doors of Midnight, is The Inn of the Shining Star.  

Gates of New Haven

There are three gates that allow entry into the sanctuary of New Haven, each of identical design and construction. The gates are each flanked by two circular fortified towers, with the towers each being 20 ft in diameter and reaching heights of 36 ft. The towers each have a mounted ballista, each with a modified sling system capable of hurling bolts or shrapnel at would-be invaders.   Anchored to the towers and to the gates are New Haven’s formidable curtain walls. Standing at 20 ft. high, they are impossible to scale without the aid of siege equipment. Each stone used in the construction was taken from the cliffside within the city after the dragon fiend brought the city to ruin during the Starfire Calamity. When the dragon fire melted the stone of the cliff face, it hardened the heart of the stone. With the help of Baurus of Hammerdawn, the igneous rock was used to form the curtain walls. The stones are held together with a mixture of mortar and molten lead, creating a virtually unbreakable bond between the stones. The curtain walls, towers and gates are perfectly smooth to the touch; a virtually impossible task that adds to the overall beauty and design of the city.  


  Just outside the curtain wall of New Haven lies an extensive bit of farmland. The land has been farmed by Goddynock Nackle, a roguish gnome, and his sons since the original founding of New Haven. Lomian Dawnshadow rescued Goddynock from a group of bandits in the Rising Lands and they traveled together to the Tor. Lomian began his work inside while Goddynock and his family began to settle the land.   After the destruction of the original city, the Nackles were left to defend themselves. Bandits eventually came to raid the Tor and the remains of the city and Goddynock was left alone with his sons to defend what was left. Goddynock was dealt fatal injuries in the scuffle and died shortly after. He left the land to his sons but failed to clarify what land went to which son. The sons fought for weeks over the land. They eventually decided to split the land along the main road leading to New Haven. Tomminock took the farm, while Bobbinock took the orchard. To this day, they quarrel about anything and everything, often posting signs riddled with insults aimed across the road.
“More people come everyday. Hope shows them the way. We, the God’s Chosen, have been given this opportunity. To create a beacon of hope in the growing darkness. To love those who have been driven from their homes. From here we will strike courage into the hearts of the meek. From here we will strike fear into the heart of the darkness. From here we shall make our stand. Together, the God’s Chosen will bring light back into the world.” – Lomian Dawnshadow


  • New Haven


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