Oakroot Wood

Pieces of a Divine Being

Anyone found in possession of Oakroot wood is to return it to the diviners at once! Failure to do so will result in the severest of consequences.
— Brother Æthelbert
  Oakroot wood is a sacred material harvested from the Oakroot, a collection of massive oak trees scattered throughout Pekkola that are all connected to a joint root system. Since the holy oaks are sacred to the Followers of the Oakroot and due to the rarity of them, Oakroot wood is extremely rare. To harvest it, one must either damage or chop down an oak connected to the root network and such acts will bring upon the wrath of the Followers.  

Significance and Usage

Followers of the Oakroot consider pieces of the Oakroot divine due to their connection to the root network. When the connection is severed, as is the case for harvested wood, a part of its divinity remains. Anyone who would dare break a branch or chop down one of the oaks will likely end up finding themselves hunted down by the Sons of Taepke, a militant order of the Followers.  
Decorative - Aeth

Religious Relics

When the worshipers of the Oakroot confiscate wrongfully pilfered wood, they usually carve the raw material into holy relics.   The largest of such relics are sculptures of distinguished religious leaders and people who've done great deeds in service of the faith such as Taepke Juoveni. Smaller relics include hand-sized idols of the oaks or elaborately decorated plates with patterns or scenes of past events carved into them.

Ships and Shields

Those who lack faith in the powers and divinity of the Oakroot may seek to tear them down for the purposes of creating ships, shields and anything else that needs good, durable wood.   Shields made from the material are highly renowned for their ability to catch an enemy's blade. Blades tend to get stuck in them, and it's far more challenging to pull them out than with regular wooden shields. Such an advantage grants the shield-bearer more time to strike their foe while they are mostly disarmed. In addition to that, Oakroot wood shields are also far easier to repair since the wood grows back together over time, healing whatever damage it has suffered in battle. The wood's healing property is highly sought after by shipwrights all across the world.
Extremely Rare
Common State
Followers of the Oakroot
Organization | Dec 7, 2020

The Followers of the Oakroot worship a collection of massive oak trees scattered throughout Pekkola that are all connected to a joint root system

Sons of Taepke
Organization | Jul 14, 2020

The Sons of Taepke are a militant brotherhood of the Followers of the Oakroot who are named after a holy warrior

Taepke Juoveni
Character | Jul 12, 2020

Taepke Juoveni was an Aeth who led a revolt against the Rahyamin Empire in a struggle to protect the Followers of the Oakroot


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Dr Emily Vair-Turnbull
15 Jul, 2020 10:49

The conflict between the religion and the artisans in regards to the wood is really fascinating. Of course Oakroot wood would be a massive boon for crafters and industry, especially, as you pointed out, in regards to ships. I guess those that don't follow the religion don't really care, though.

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