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The Tower

The Tower is an infinte, 999 floors tall, artificial structure located in an improbable, yet completely certain location within the Shard. The few individuals to ever set foot in the Tower claim it contains the enigmatic Office of Time Keeping and serves the gathering place of the travelers. The only known person to live in the tower except for the Time Keeper himself, is the legendary bard Bartholomew Lorewise who self-stranded himself there for unknown reasons.

Purpose / Function

The true porpuse of the Tower is unknown and scholars have been debating on the very nature of the semi-theoretical place since it was discovered by The Ponderer. These theories go from mechanical explansion of the universe, to promisses of godhod to those who climb to the top. Regadless, no theory regarding the tower has yet to be proven or unproven, and with the Tower's inaccesibility to all but some of the most powerful known beings in the universe, these theopories would likely never will be.
Current Date: 25th of Erlsum 1572
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