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The place is noxious. You're not sending me in there for ANYTHING and that's final. Go in there yourself, if you need some weird plants, or something.
— Angry adventurer
  Leechsea is a region resting at the southeastern base of the Rhonsoril mountain range, making up the lands between these mountains and the densely forestested Nimavi, which lies to its east.

Hazardous Waters

The region itself is filled with marshlands and shadowed swamps, with precious little dry land to offer reprieve for the underprepared traveler. Crooked trees emerge from the dark waters, with drooping limbs and leaves, casting even more shadows upon the area and making for many hiding places for the creatures which call it home. Birds nest among these hanging curtains of foliage, making tightly woven nests, lest they fall into the waters and mouths of hungry predators below.   Within these swamps are large aquatic reptiles, lying in wait, along with smaller species such as snakes, some of which come with a venomous bite. Nonvenomous water snakes are far more common, but their bites are still quite strong and painful, and any injury sustained in this swampland may result in terrible infections if left untreated. Leechsea is known to be incredibly dangerous and difficult to traverse, and more difficult still when one considers the creatures waiting to make a meal of any who misstep.

The People of Leechsea

Civilizations outside of Leechsea believe it to be uninhabited, as they could not fathom any human surviving in this location for any length of time, but this is the nature of humanity, to doubt its own resilience. There are, indeed, populations calling Leechsea home, though their settlements are indeed quite small and difficult to locate. Because of this, the people who live in Leechsea tend to live isolated lives, and are largely unfamiliar with the world beyond.   It is widely recognized that the air and the treetops are far safer than what lies below, meaning most settlements and camps in the swamps are elevated. The winding and crooked shapes of the trees in the swamps makes many of them into excellent platforms for building and setting structures on.
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This article is a concept and work in progress, submitted for SummerCamp! Check in again later to see what changes! If there are details you want to learn more about, leave a comment!

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Jul 9, 2023 06:01

Mmm, leechsea. Now there's a name and concept I can get behind. Awesome :D I'd love to know more about the people living there, or maybe people going there to farm leeches!

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Jul 9, 2023 15:39 by Polina "Line" Arteev

Heh, I'm glad you're a fan of it! I definitely want to get to know the people who live here... a pocket of them might make a good subject for the settlement prompt we just got in the silver wave, but we'll have to see!

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