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The Howling Arena

  • Arena of Naya Ria
  • Used as a way to prove your innocence if there is an argument between two members of the Black Wolves of Naya
  • Also used during the Harvest festival
  • Designed so the echoes of wolf howls are amplified
  • It's made entirely out of polished grey marble from the South Ridge Marches mountains
  • It was built during the reign of the first Wolf in the year 310 AI to conmamorate his victory over his greatest opponent the Laskardin Master Gevil.
  • It can hold up to fifty thousand spectators
  • -it is the crowning jewel of Naya Ria
  • all roads entering the city for its five gates converge on the grounds of the arena
  • Nayans visit the area multiple times over the year for the harvest festivals, glariatorial games, races and sports taking place.
  • In recent years, the arena is also used as an auditoreum and opera house for the emerging cultural scene of Naya. Multiple theatre productions for local and other companies across Thebia and Viliria are performed there.
  • The arena is also designed as a fortress with a moat for the city and it's able to sustain over 20,000 people for over 3 years.
  • Every 28 days the arena is also the centerpoint for the welcoming of the Full moon by the priests and followers of the Uridim and Nannar religion.
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