Banastral Archipelago

Banastral is the main setting for the campaigns in Lyra
  Banastral, The White Crescent is a chain of ten Island in the northern hemisphere of Lyra  
  Banastral is home to one of the densests populations of Anthros in Lyra.   Although eight kingdoms call Banastral, their home the heavy gauntlet of the Ardslieve Dominion expands year by year pushing the rest of the powers further back.   Banastral is known across Lyra for its fine wool and the fact that all its citizens live under the mighty shadow of Mount Ceannliath , the second tallest mountain in the whole world.  

The Islands of the Crescent

Banastral is a constelation of ten major islands and hundreds of smaller islands.


  • Map of Banastral the White Crescent
    The map of the Archipelago of Banastral, whose half-moon shape gives it its name.
Alternative Name(s)
The White Crescent
Location under
Inhabiting Species


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