Backgrounds define what has a character been up to during their early life, childhood and early adolescence

Each Background give to the character 3 1st rank skills relevant to the background (choice out of some) and a set of relevant tools and/or equipment.

For example the Apprentice, Smith background ("Son of the Smith") awards 1 rank in Craft - Blacksmithing, 1 Rank Endurance, 1 Rank Athletics and a set of smithing tools including a hammer, tongs, a small book of very simple recipies, leather gloves and a leather apron.


The following is an initial list of backgrounds. This list will be expanded into blocks for each of those background with more information about them.

  • Apprentice (Craft specific)
  • Acolyte
  • Squire
  • Farmboy / Farmmaid
  • Dairyboy / Dairymaid
  • Ward
  • Urchin
  • Stablehand
  • Scribe
  • Page/Servant
  • Slave
  • Backgrounds

    Apprentice (Craft specific)



    Farmboy / Farmmaid

    Dairyboy / Dairymaid


    Street Urchin






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