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Author Notes

Hey! I'm Dani, and I'm SO glad to see you! You've arrived at my continuously growing library of fiction, which, despite being written in multiple genres, lengths, and at various romantic heat levels, are all set in the same "universe". Luridity offers both not-safe-for-work (NSFW) wholesome erotic romance as well as sweet and silly character-centric adventures featuring a cast you'll want to visit again and again, just to see what mayhem they're up to this time. :D


Love is Love

I write stories that promote healthy relationships and partnership expectations. You'll find tales with diversity in characters, their experiences, and aspects of their everyday lives respectfully portrayed on the page (i.e. sexuality and identity, alternative lifestyles).   While I'm focused on emotions and growth and identity in my characters, there are certainly tales here intended to broaden awareness of mainstream and alternative sexual opportunities: kinks, toys, tools, pairings, love in its various forms, what happens when two dudes have zero G sex in a see-through space elevator, etc.   All of the tropes and topics in a story are denoted by tags on its Index page, so you'll have ample warning in case a story might touch on something you are uncomfortable with, and would rather skip. There are pleeeenty of stories, so dig in and find the ones best in tune with what you like or want to learn about (or even those particular characters whose lives you want to follow)!


Fueled by Fans and Friends

In Luridity, you are invited to vote on the types of scenarios and characters appearing next, so you're always included in the fun--and making sure there's ever more things up your alley to read. (Forums are coming soon, which will make it even better for our community here!)   If you'd like to support my writing and grow Luridity's funds for art assets (like book covers and the neon sign for The Cackling Cock) and design shenanigans (like the subscriber train!), you can Follow or Subscribe here:
  • Ream: For early access to stories, ebooks, secrets, and weekly updates!
  • Patreon: For access to secrets and infrequent updates!
  • Ko-Fi: For those who just want to send support without the extras :)
  I also have a free newsletter on Substack! Currently I update this quarterly with news as well as a big article roundup.   I appreciate my readers immensely and adore your support, always, whether it comes via comments, kindness, or patronage. <3

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