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Jo Dougu

Ori, just because you can't find the item in the archives, doesn't mean it's not well organized. I put the reorganization in the memo last week. Did you read it this time?
— Jo Dougu
League of Guardians Archive librarian and younger brother to the head librarian Jo Orinosuke.   When you need to find something in the archives, he's the librarian to talk to.  
Convince the League of Guardians to digitize the archive's holdings.
  • He believes that moving the organization into the modern age will preserve documents and artifacts that are fading do to age and, in some cases, initial pre-archival conditions of the items.
  • It would also help with searching for requested items. He's got the speed record for searching the antique card catalogs. But it's hard to weed out duplicates and ensure everything is updated. The annual process takes so much of his time that he struggles to maintain it and the main archive grounds.
  • Marry his childhood sweetheart Yamaaki Fumi, one of the few female tengu.


    For a Tengu he's quite kind, even a tad meek. (Unless it comes to his archive duties, then nothing can stop him). Everyone says he's the more personable of the Jo brothers.
    Extremely organized.
    Angers easily, like many of his fellow tengu.
    Picky eater
    Fussy about keeping things organized, to the point he annoys other librarians.
    Acts spontaneously on new interests. It's a challenge for him to keep doing the same thing. He'll reorganize the archive catalogs regularly if he finds a new way of organizing that seems better than the previous one.
    Has an archive staff betting pool for how fast his brother will drive visitors away from the archive. (He tries to have other librarians intercept.)
    Plays tricks on people whenever he can. His most common trick is placing explicit woodblock prints in random pages of books and watch for archive visitor's reactions.


    Learning and tinkering
    kibi dango (millet dumpling treat). He likes it for two reasons. One because it annoys his brother, who hates it. And two, the tale of Momotaro—one of his folktale heroes—mentioned it.
    tales of Monotaro
    his brother lording the head librarian position over him, just because he's the older of the siblings
    agnotistic, but follows Japanese traditions to visit temples etc. (He's met many a Kami and doesn't wish to commit to any he's met. Perhaps with the exception of Soujou-bou, his king and boss.)


    graduated from Kyoto Jidai Arcane University with a degree in library science

    Kith and Kin

    Jo Ruriko
    Jo Orinaga
    Tengu, who tends to remain in his half bird/half man form. He has a red feather extention on his forehead that he dyed to match his librarian robes.
    over 2 centuries
    May 16 (Taurus)
    Meyers Briggs
    maintaining the archive gardens (he's added quite a few rare plant and fish species and maintains the only rainbow rice fish stock in Japan)
    playing soccer (though he rarely has time to play anymore)
    Skin Tone/Pigmentation
    charcoal grey

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