Hiragi Clan Headquarters

Clutching an umbrella in the pouring rain, I hoof it over to the combini to snag one of the yakuza fan magazines. The mob groups aren't out in public in many neighborhoods. But they're well known enough they have comics and subscriptions published by big companies here in Tokyo. Steeling my courage to answer the ad on the back page, I use my remaining cash to buy a ticket to the entertainment district, Kabukicho.   The address leads me to a well kept white building in a wide alley off the main drag. An insignia that reminds me of a crane hangs beside what must be the kanji for the clan name. I only recognize one of the symbols, but can sound out the Romanized pronunciation underneath—Hiragi Kaikan.
  From the outside you'd think this was a normal business, until you know what the Hiragi Kaikan really was--a Yakuza clan headquarters. It was better to steer clear of this place. No one even dared sell anything door to door here. Though, the Hiragi group worked hard to change the views of their average citizen neighbors. They even gave candy out on Halloween for over a decade.   This syndicate participated every year in the Sanja Matsuri (warning - much tattooed skin exposed in the pictures on this link). Only at this festival are the yakuza allowed to show off their ink.   Clans used to operate in the open like this, until the Japanese government crackdowns.  

Hiragi Clan Business

This syndicate was most successful at blackmailing companies into allowing the clan to purchase stock at very low prices. Thus the clan would gain a controlling interest in those businesses. Other activities included prostitution, drugs, gambling, host clubs, and protection rackets.  

The End of An Era

The government had been putting pressure on clans, which lead to territory clashes. Three and a half years ago, one of the Hiragi Clan members did the unthinkable and betrayed their group, providing a rival syndicate an opportunity to make their move. The attack turned into a bloodbath before the special assault team showed up. Only two Hiragi Clan members survived Otsuka Hiro and Umeji Tatsuya. One of the rival clan members also survived.  

Current Use for the Building

A yakuza themed bar called the Gokudou . The new owner took down the symbol and name on the outside, had it professionally cleaned (despite the building looking immaculate after the crime scene cleaners left), replaced the front entrance and greeting desk, and had a Shinto purification of the building done. But otherwise he left the building the way it was when Otsuka and Umeji were there, including every bullet hole in the wall. He rents out the upper floor for meetings and parties. The former Oyabun's office is quite popular.
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Hiragi Clan
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Hiragi Kaikan
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