Guardian Uniform Requirements

Congratulations candidate! The League of Guardians welcomes you as a new Guardian level member. Soujoubou hands you a package, tied in an indigo dyed crepe silk furoshiki decorated with a familiar fan mon stencil. His deep voice resonates in the open room. "Here is your formal uniform."

Furoshiki by Netrun78 -

  When you untie the package at home, you find a note in blurry, gibberish calligraphy. Upon contact with the note, blue flashes at your fingertips and the symbols coalesce into words. Soujoubou's booming voice fills the room, as if he's here.  
Tengu Guardian+shibori-portrait.png
by HeroForge (+Freepik and AWV)
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Item type
Clothing / Accessory
Raw materials & Components
Almost all aspects of the uniform are constructed from silk to show the formality and position of the wearer. The silks may be from moth, seasilk, or spider silk.
Manufacturing Process
Handwoven and crafted by koujin and unagihime. Silk is grown specifically for the kimonos. A few strands of the warp for each garment are donated by jorougumo. These strands are enchanted to protect the wearer.

The Uniform

This note is tucked inside the package.
  Guardians wear the following:
  • Lion by Freepik
    An indigo kimono dyed in the local shibori pattern, with the Guardian lion mon in 5 places (on the front and back of each shoulder and middle of the back) to denote the formality of the kimono. Indigo is the dye of the common people, and it will show that we are here to protect the noble and common of both the humans and yokai. The sleeves of the kimono should have a 2 cm white stripe on the edge to denote our noble cause.
  • Midnight blue indigo dyed hakama and haori jacket. The haori will also have the Guardian lion mon. Tie your hakama's wide legs so you are ready to move should an emergency call you away.
  • A red obi belt with kumihimo cords that have tasseled ends will secure the hakama and kimono.
  • White under-layer juban should be worn to keep the kimono clean.
  • Your locality's medallion on a chain around the neck.
  • Tate Eboshi (Public Domain)
    White tabi socks and zori sandals with white straps, as the focus should be on the uniform, not one's feet.
  • On your head, wear a tate eboshi hat, starched so it stands straight up.
  • Tuck weapons into your obi or carry them with you.

  • Cover image: by AWV (with assets from Hero Forge, Freepik, and Mirko Blicke)


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