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Guardian: The Liminal Chronicles Press Kit

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The Liminal Chronicles Book 2
“One hundred pieces of gold for every kitsune head laid at my feet!”
— the Oni Queen



Amy Winters-Voss writes Japanese myth-based urban fantasy to reconnect with the country and culture that captured her heart. She's visited Japan twice and hopes to go back for a writing residency.


Book Details

  • Urban / mythological / paranormal fantasy
  • The Liminal Chronicles Series
  • 332 pages / 117,000 words
  • May 10, 2023
  • ShyRedFox Publishing


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    Umeji Tatsuya finally starts Guardian training under the legendary tengu king Soujou-bou. Though, the Guardian Council has their doubts about whether a former yakuza mobster should be allowed to carry a legendary sword or that Umeji can handle the lifelong commitment.   Days afterward, refugees flee to Soujou-bou's estate. Umeji and Nakamura discover the pair are none other than the remnants of the Date kitsune clan—relatives to the witch that had repeatedly attacked Umeji and his friends, killed his mob big brother, and left Nakamura magically crippled. Hot on their heels is the oni army the Date duo barely escaped. The army's general, Ibaraki Douji, clamors for 'Death to all kitsune!' as well as bidding to resurrect and claim the title of Shogun.   Survival of kitsune kind will require Umeji and Nakamura to set aside their differences with the Date clan and to work together to unravel a century old mystery.   When Ibaraki lays siege to the rural town of Nonogawa, where the legendary katana Umeji carried is lost and he’s blamed for it. He’s determined to recover the sword and stop Ibaraki from taking over Japan.   The search will lead Umeji to question where his loyalties truly lie and he and his crew will have to venture into areas mere humans don’t dare to tread. What they uncover is darker than anything Umeji saw in the mob.  
    Will Umeji prove he has what it takes to be a Guardian before it's too late?
    Guardian is the second book in the Liminal Chronicles series.
    Pre-order in March to enjoy Umeji’s action-packed journey into Japanese myth, personal redemption, and found family.


    Guardian Themes and Details


  • Redemption

  • Determination

  • Love

  • Sacrifice

  • Target audience

  • Women in 20s-30s

  • Interest in Asia / Japan (travel or learning the language)

  • Watches anime and reads manga

  • Reads myth-based and urban fantasy

  • Likes former bad boys, adventure, magic, the paranormal, and a bit of romance

  • Character Ages

  • Umeji Tatsuya (MC) is 24

  • Most human characters are in their 20s.

  • Most non human characters are centuries old.

  • Comp Titles / Related Genre

  • Ink by Amanda Sun

  • Dream Eater by K. Bird Lincoln

  • Minimum Wage Magic by Rachel Aaron

  • Ruroni Kenshin

  • Pitch

    Tatsuya, an ex-yakuza starting over, wants nothing more than to be a member of the League of Guardians. He finally starts training, but disaster strikes. Ibaraki, to enact her revenge on the kitsune who enslaved her, begins a campain to exterminate the entire species.

    When Umeji loses a legendary katana, he has to reconcile with his past and retrieve the sword to stop Ibaraki and gain the privilege of being the next Guardian.


    Name Note

    Japanese names are reversed from European names. The family name is first. Given name is second. So Umeji Tatsuya’s family name is Umeji.


    Content warnings

  • Swearing

  • Intimate and views of red light district scenes (not explicit, at all)

  • Hazing

  • Death, violence, and War

  • Slavery and trafficking

  • Drug Use (imaginary substance compared to it, and mimics it)


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    “One hundred pieces of gold for every kitsune head laid at my feet!” Will Umeji become a Guardian in time to save kitsune kind? #Guardian #LiminalChronicles releases May10.

      Umeji seeks mentorship from the head of the League of Guardians. But the Council is skeptical he’s left behind his yakuza past when disaster strikes. Will he prove his worth in time? #Guardian #LiminalChronicles releases 5/10.

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    Character Quotes

    “If I do not find your explanation satisfactory, you’ll not leave my palace alive.”

    “We in the League keep talking about the need to modernize, yet fail to do so. Attitudes are where we have to start. We need fresh blood for that.”

    “What happens if I don’t accept or complete the tasks? Will someone else accomplish them?”

    “I’m hoping it’s not the extinction of our race, Date-san.”

    “The ki bombs are how Ibaraki is taking out entire kitsune families, right? So, how do we stop them?”

    “I don’t think I can teach such a thing, because I refuse to treat you how they treated me.”

    “The price to heal me is too high. So that’s the end of it.”

    “What thievery was allowed at the Date clan’s expense?...Polite words don’t cover for the travesty you’ve committed. That’s my sister’s magic you have. I’d know it anywhere.”

    “Yokai need to be united to stop a common threat. Ibaraki Douji isn’t just murdering kitsune. She and her minions are killing anyone who sides with them...So, know that no matter what, I’ll still be doing what I can to protect those around me.”


    Learn More

    Author Website
      Amy’s offical About the Author page.
      Liminal Chronicles series site - character, setting, species, secrets, maps, and all my other worldbuilding.
      Author Newsletter book updates, beta and ARC reader info, and random life tidbits.
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    Promotional Graphics

    Cover / character art by Odette.A.Bach. (<- no spaces. I asked.) Amy has written permission from the cover artist to use the cover for promotion.   All other art (cover text/design, promo art) by Amy Winters-Voss or used with liscense unless otherwise stated. (Amy uses a few art subscription services and has the permission/lisense for images incorporated into her promo graphics.)   To download the art/promo images, click on the image.  
    Guardian paperback mockup
    Guardian ebook mockup
    Tag Line by AWV, cover by Odette.A.Bach
    Join Umeji by AWV, cover by Odette.A.Bach
    Guardian Keywords by AWV, cover by Odette.A.Bach
    Guardian Pitch by AWV, cover by Odette.A.Bach
    Guardian FB Header by AWV, Cover by Odette.A.Bach
    Guardian - Twitter Header by AWV, Cover by Odette.A.Bach
    Book Blitz promo banner
    by Cover art Odette.A.Bach, Book Blitz image by Xpresso book Tours

    Cover image: by Odette.A.Bach (Art), AWV (text)


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