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Unification Day

Every year people from across the country gather in Aurkustel to celebrate Unification Day. A significant bulk of the event takes place in the Hall of Unity. After the military parade in the morning, the reigning monarch will lead an entourage of influential nobles, clerics, and other members of the royal family, to the hall. There they all kneel in front of the flag and recite the Marcher's Prayer.
  The monarch will order the guards to open the Hall of Unity for the rest of the crowd. A chain of armoured knights will form to keep the crowd from getting too close to the important relic. The Kirijksus of St. Tiyla the Protector's Foarkirijk will stand before the Rohvachtzenvagge and give a speech. Most Unification Day speeches have been about working together, looking out for everyone, and about how through unity the country has remained a powerhouse, but there have been notable exceptions.
  The speeches typically take around five to ten minutes. Afterwards, the attending nobles will in unison recite their oath of allegiance to the flag and their monarch. During this process, the doors to the side rooms will be opened for everyone. There they will find ancient artefacts, priceless works of art, and dozens of dusty tomes from the founding of the old kingdom. As the visitors inspect the displayed items, a group of musicians will walk around and play their instruments.
  It can take several hours to reaffirm all the oaths, but once the process has concluded, the gentry will head upstairs to the top floor. There they will be greeted by servants who will prepare food and play music. While the nobles enjoy the finest that the Hall of Unity can offer, the rest move are free to go whenever they can. Once the monarch and their family has finished their meals, everyone on the top floor will have to stand up. The heir to the throne will bring forth the torch that will ignite the great fire on the roof of the structure.
  Heir and monarch, both hand-in-hand, will walk up to the pyre on the roof and light it together. As the light of the setting sun dims, the new light of unity will illuminate the area around the hall. With the lighting of the pyre, the Unification Day rituals will officially be drawn to an end.
Related Ethnicities

Treasonous Lunatic

There was a year when during the Unification Day speech, the Kirijksus demanded the dissolution of the Empire of Pallernia and separate states for each ethnicity. She found herself in a dungeon a few days later. Branded a lunatic and scrapped from Hillenist records, her legacy and fiery words were only remembered thanks to the tales of the witnesses.

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