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Telling Time

Vassel states are required to use the Dentherion calendar for all government and common dates. Religious organizations sometimes have a separate calendar, but these are not officially recognized.   To write a date: Early Year 1:1, 540  
  The Dentherion calendar was based on the Taangis Empire calendar. To soothe religious tensions, the Dentherions smashed then combined warring factions into the Seven Gods and the Stars, and named the weekdays after the primary entities in the new religion.   No religion likes the calendar, and most governments just go along with it. It is not a cultural icon, but rather a prominent symbol of oppresion.   The calendar is not based on either the moon or the sun cycles, but on a Lord's Council random intern's mistake in copying down Taangis information for scholars. The Taangis Empire more closely followed the moon's cycles than the Dentherion one.  
  Each day has 20 hours. Each hour is divided into forty minutes; each minute is 120 seconds long and is divided into subminutes, which are 40 seconds long.


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