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Tech is a catch-all phrase used to describe all manner of technologically advanced items, but most often the term refers to weapons tech.  

Brief History

  Dentheria, to keep their vassal states under their control and inhibit rebellion, outlawed tech except for use by the puppet kings and their supporters. This caused great harm and death to the subjected peoples, not only because they lost electricity, communication devices, vehicles used for harvesting crops and transportation and the like, but they lost medicine as well. Millions died and Dentheria did little to alleviate the suffering.   The empire granted their puppet-kings and their supporters use of more advanced technology, but limited what they could access, especially in relation to weapons. They sent devices like overlarge canons to the kings that looked terrifying, but in reality, had little destructive power in comparison to what Dentheria could manage. Rebels in various countries tried to steal tech from empire army depots so they could fight the invaders on their terms, with little success.  

Modern Tech

  Most conquered peoples have forgotten what life with electricity was like. The eastern countries of Theyndora were more recently invaded, but even they have at least 75 years without everyday tech. This is not to say the vassal states are completely void of tech--for instance, water purification is seen as essential in urban centers--but these instances are installed and maintained by the puppet kings, and whether they share the results of the tech is very much based on their whims. Often, only they and their supporters reap the benefits.   The vassal states have horse- or ox-drawn carts and wagons for transportation of goods, fruit oil lamps, candles made from animal fat, insects or plants, metal goods made in smithies, common ware hand-made by potters and glassblowers. Communication is done through paper correspondence. All countries have printing presses, though the majority of books are printed in Dentheria.  
by Shanda Nelson/photo Khordula Vahle
While the general public does not have access to advanced tech (basically, things that use electricity), many curious and industrious people have tested and created mechanisms that make life a bit easier. Water wheels and windmills, cotton gins, cranes and geared contraptions used to speed up harvesting and sewing are some of the machines that have been invented, improved and utilized extensively throughout Theyndora. Since these advancements are made with low-tech materials that require either man, beast or nature's power to operate, Dentheria pays them no mind.
  By decree, vassal states import trade goods created or harvested by tech. Factory-made Dentherion goods are cheaper than local items, and merchants who sell them tend to make tidy profits. In this way, people have access to synthetic textiles, dinnerware, utensils, tools and such.  

Medical Tech

  Medical tech was denied to the general public for years, until the Lord's Council realized people with access to better healthcare tended to rebel less. The Council does not sell medical tech except to their puppet-kings, but does not stop the underground crime syndicates and charitable organizations from obtaining and selling it. This includes medicines, machines, medical texts and the like. Most habitations have at least one medical expert who possesses illegal tech, and guards never arrest them for it, considering they oftentimes need those services.   The Meint in Ramira have rigged a system of generators that allows them to use medical devices without electricity from a grid. They keep these generator hospitals well-hidden from Dentheria. Rumor is, that these medical establishments have patients from the Skulls and Wolf Collaborate members. This would normally mean raids and executions of the doctors and nurses, but since they also admit wealthy nobles and have a high success and survival rate, puppet-kings are wary of doing so. Many cannot afford to lose the support of their court over medical access.   The Meint have shared their rigged system with other religious organizations and Wolf Collaborate rebellions, and seek even more advanced ways to heal others.  

Weapons Tech

Egg by Shanda Nelson
When the term 'tech' is used by itself, it normally refers to weapons tech. The peoples of Theyndora fear weapons tech, for all countries under Dentheria's banner lost to the invaders due to their sophisticated weapons of war. They remember that swords and lances never defeated tanks and flying armaments, bows and arrows were no match for automatic guns. The slaughters were horrific, and Dentheria has not changed its mind about the treatment of those who wish to ursurp their authority.
  The typical Theyndora inhabitant has never seen weapons tech. When exposed, they run away rather than deal with whoever holds it. Tech has become a way for the crime sydicates and the underbosses to wield power over the masses without doing much other than wave a gun about periodically. These weapons, however, are normally poorly cared for due to ignorance and oftentimes do not work as expected, or at all. Without the knowledge to care for the items, many fall into disrepair and remain in a storage crate, useless.   More sophisticated tech has been cropping up in the underground markets around Theyndora. Guards and puppet-kings alike worry about their origin, for it appears they do not come from Dentheria. Luckily, those that own the pieces are as ill-equipped to use them as they are in using Dentheria weapons, making the harm, so far, minimal.  

Modification Tech

  If the Lord's Council members hate weapons tech in the hands of vassal state citizens, they are terrified of modification tech reaching beyond the bounds of their country. This technology made its way from Taangis to the operating rooms of Dentheria, though most citizens look at body modification as an extravagance. The general population thinks of it as plastic surgery; that is mere veneer. In reality, mod tech are implants of biotech and machine origin, which enhance strength, eyesight, etc. It is performed on a small group of elite soldiers, and Dentheria has kept it strickly as military tech, to the point they remove the implants when soldiers leave the armed forces.   They believe it still secret. They are wrong.
Dentheria fears weapons tech in the hands of rebellions. Those possessing it are executed, though these executions have dropped off dramatically over the last decade.
Dentheria residents believe they bring enlightenment to the savages of other lands. Most either do not realize, or chose to ignore, that the advanced tech they take for granted is denied to the vassal states. This disconnect is expecially telling, when tourists see how vassal state denizens live, without a thought to the obvious lack of technology that they themselves rely on back home.
by Shanda Nelson
Jilvayna and other subjugated countries have a strong 'buy local' push in the large cities. Despite the additional cost, citizens chose to support locally-made products rather than purchase the cheaper, mass-produced Dentherion ones.
by Shanda Nelson
Many Theyndora rebellions use tech in one way or another. Abastion, however, has a Dentherion who defected after his family was wrongly executed for tech smuggling due to a mispelled last name. He trained in modification tech while serving the Dentherion army, and brought his knowledge to the Abastion rebels. They have shared that tech with unknown others.

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