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Relics of Taangis: The Meint

The Meint religion was central to Taangis's control of their empire. They used the religion to promote obedience to the empire and proclaim its morality, lending cosmic approval to their victories.  


  The Meint began as a minor death cult of Rekarsius in Taangis, and oversaw rites for the dead. An early emperor, Torderus, became infatuated with their mythology and elevated them. Meint leaders provided a more friendly version of their beliefs for general comsumption, but secretly remained loyal to their original tenets. Other religions thought their theology too dark and deadly, and tried to herd people away from their temples. Torderus, furious at the retaliation, obliterated most other doctrines, all but the seven that followed the Seven Gods of the Divine Origination. Even he refused to tempt fate by obliterating the temples of the Taangis divine creators.   The Meint spread through the empire, and became a major religious player. The emperors liked the religion's push to accept them as divine leaders selected by the Seven Originator Gods.  

The Meint in Theyndora

  In Theyndora, the Meint often did not remain true to the empire's propaganda when the temples became absorbed by communities. By the time the empire dissolved, the Meint were a force unto themselves, and refused to bow to empire or ruler. They believed that Rekarsius gave them a higher purpose than serving as a mouthpiece for greedy people looking to consolidate power.   Several sects dwindled and disappeared without the empire's backing, but the Meint became the primary religious organization in Ramira, and retained a lot of influence in the northwestern countries. They saw themselves as keepers of culture, so when the Dentherions invaded and attempted to destroy the native temples and the culture they held dear, the Meint fought back and created the Skulls.  

Current Incarnation

  The Meint have developed a reputation for providing communities with skilled medical personnel. This has made them invaluable assets, and the Dentherions have not been able to dislodge them as paragons of the community. Despite their rebellious streak, populations in general care more about health care than Dentherion approval of the religion.   Commander Jarosa is considered a folk hero in Ramira and throughout the Wolf Collaborate. She holds the rank of Veritiate Deathknell within the Meint.
by Shanda Nelson


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