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Guards are the official law enforcement in Jilvayna. The puppet kings have issued several decrees outlinging the duties guards are expected to perform; all other law-related issues fall to chasers.
  • The guard's first duty is to king and country.
    This normally means king first, country second. Recent kings, however, have rarely used the guard for more than personal bodyguards during events, and the collection of taxes on trade goods. They allow the knights to have more of a say in how the guard conducts itself and what duties the guardhouses are expected to perform.
  • The guard's second duty is to serves aristocrats.
    This mainly comes in the form of patrols around their estates, but they are known to help barons in the collection of taxes from those who work and live on their lands.
  • The guard serves buisnesses.
    This entails patroling during busy shopping days and wellness checks at night. While the guard is meant to provide services to all businesses, most favor the richer merchants who just happen to have shops in nicer areas, leaving the less-fortunate to fend for themselves.
  • The guard investigates serious crimes.
    These crimes consist of murder, assaults, grand larceny, arson, and the like, which require an official law presence to properly handle them.
  • The guard makes tech raids and jail those responsible for selling it.
  • The guard handles stake transactions.
    Depending on the stake, a fee may be involved. Stakes are normally the only interactions law-abiding commoners have with the guard.
  • The guard handles local-specific duties.
    This includes activities like performing bell duty when Mama Poison decides to take a walk around Jiy. These vary wildly from locale to locale.


  Guards are led by knights, and have several other official designations.  
  • Knight Superior
    Individual in charge of several districts. In Jiy, there are five Knight Superiors. All are from highly-respected court families.
  • Knight
    Individual in charge of all guards in a specific guard district. Referred to as 'Sir'. While some knights have served in the armed forces in Jilvayna and transferred to the guard, most are from noble families. In Jiy, knights conduct the day to day business of the guard while the Knight Superiors lounge about in meetings with various crown officials.
  • Guard Superior
    Guards in charge of a specific guardhouse.
  • Tech Specialist
    These guards are trained to deal with weapons tech. They normally come from wealthier families and have had some officer training in the Dentherion army. It rarely prepares them for what they encounter on the streets.
  • Investigator
    Guards who investigates crimes. These guards have usually spent at least a decade as a regular guard, though children of the wealthy have been known to skip that step.
  • Guard
    Regular, everyday guard. Individual guards typically have designated roles, like Stake Taker or Patroller.


Green Street Guardhouse by Shanda Nelson
Guardhouses are the guards' home bases. Guardhouses are normally small and set within the communities they serve. They have one or two stories for general business, and a basement that houses the jail cells. Every guardhouse has at least one special cell in which they keep dangerous prisoners, called a trap cell. While most guardhouses are general-purpose places, a few are specialized for tech storage. These houses are kept under strict surveillance, and only authorized personnel may enter.
  There are several guardhouses per district, though interactions between them vary and depend on the good will of Guard Superiors to one another.
Jilvaynia Guard Flag by Shanda Nelson
by Shanda Nelson
Sir Armarandos is a Knight from one of the most influential families in Jiy. It can be argued his father holds more power and wealth than the king. After several embarrassing and disastrous incidents, Armarandos took it upon himself to reorganize the Jiy guard. The Knight Superiors, unwilling to mess with his family, waved him on and granted him authority over all districts in Jiy. This has caused great relief, but also intense resentment, in the lower guard ranks.
Most Jilvaynian residents are indifferent to guards. They respect and interact with chasers more. However, many men aspire to the profession, because the pay is exceptional.


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