Gabby is a bright and cheerful lass, using the positive to hide deep unhappiness and pain. She lost her mother to sickness, and her extended family refused to take her in. Rin discovered her wandering the streets, lost and alone, and brought her to the Eaves.   She loves the Lady and is deeply grateful for the help she provides. She gets along well with the other street rats, though they tease her on some of the more egalitarian beliefs she inherited from her mother.  

Gabby does whatever it takes to earn a few bits. She is young enough she can beg and get sympathy money, she helps Phialla clean the small pottery room at the back of the Eaves, she runs errands.  

Gabby loved her mother, and the pain of her loss is still harsh. Being around other street rats, despite their oftentimes hard dispositions, has given her a sense of family she cherishes. She loves the Lady, and will do anything to sit near her and learn to read.   Gabby believes a girl can do anything a boy can do, only better. The other rats tease her on it, but she firmly stands by her words. Because of this, she has decided she will be a knight, like in the stories. She will bring justice to those who deserve it, and help the poor and needy, though she has yet to figure out how she will accomplish it.

Cover image: by Shanda Nelson


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