Dachs is the owner and barkeep at the Eaves, the tavern/inn where Lapis resides. He is a jolly man who gets along with nearly everyone, but once a rowdy or disrespectful patron tweaks his anger, he can become stubborn in his punishment. He is strong enough to physically throw whoever annoys him into the streets.  

Dachs makes his living through the Eaves, though he has been known to, on occassion, work as a 'keeper for random chasers who happen to nab someone near his place. No one knows exactly what he did before he bought the Eaves, though he claimed he saved up enough money to purchase the deed outright. His past is something of a mystery, and he very stubbornly keeps his mouth shut on the subject.  

He is full of good humor and gossip, and can entertain the entire tavern with outlandish stories about people he claims to know. He treats his employees well, and is fair to his custom. He has a very soft spot for the street rats, and will hear no ill of the reading circle within his hearing. He does become morose on occassion, talking about how he wishes justice served as it should, and every once in a great while he will disappear for a day or so, leaving Dalia in charge. No one knows where he goes during these outings, and while some gossip about a love interest, no one believes it.
over 40

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