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Tue, Oct 12th 2021 09:11   Edited on Mon, Nov 15th 2021 04:15

Spooktober 2021

October's Flash Challenge is Spooktober, utilizing 30 short and spooky prompts to get people thinking. While I've had a few setbacks on my 1 a day writing plan due to an injury and a short vacation, I'm back at it today!   Interested in what I've been writing for Spooktober so far? You can find all my Spooktober articles and a few of Shiftrex's here as well.
Spooktober 2021
Generic article | Mar 1, 2023

RiverFang & Shiftrex's Spooktober journey!

  I've been using Spooktober to fill out some of my stubs to clear some out before NaNoWrimo and WorldEmber. Any questions on my thought process or what I've been writing? Ask away!
Mon, Nov 15th 2021 04:15

Update 11/15/21: I was only able to complete 20 of the prompts for Spooktober due to my injury but the others will be completed as time goes on, including some for Mapvember!
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