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Scout’s Rest

Final Resting Place on the Sea

Written by RiverFang

Oh hear ye weary sailors,
Washed in the salt of the sea,
Keep close a healthy fear,
Of the sharp and ragged Teeth.
Keep eye on the horizon,
And prow above the waves,
Else find your place with others,
In the water's damned graves
Scout's Rest, Writer Unknown
  Above the ragged waves rises a ghostly visage through the fog that blankets the waters late in the night. At first, it's just a lone spire, reaching toward the waning moon, a sentinel upon the water where nothing else can be found. As the tide moves out, more of the pearlescent figure is revealed, a crow's nest, a prow, a raging dragon's snarl leading the ship into the moonlight. The light-colored wood, originating in the Little Greenwood, glows ethereal beneath the high moon. In the raging waves near the Teeth of the North, this visage of pale white is not uncommon. A once-great ship rests as wreckage, bringing forth stories of undead pirates and ghostly figures dancing along the shores of Vóreios.   Even those that claim to be veterans of the sea fear the Teeth and given reverence and a wide berth to the skeletons of once beautiful and mighty ships. Wooden dragon heads rear above the rabid waves, their use stripped away, the luck they were meant to bring washed away like sand beneath the sea. No man wishes to join the fleet of Scout's Rest, but the thought is ever-present as they sail near the Teeth, watching the dragon heads on their own prows awash in the salty spray.
On Final Patrol (Wrecked)
Near the Teeth of the North
Graveyard of Ships, Fleet of the Damned

The name Scout's Rest is given to ships of any kingdom or empire that have met their end near the cliffs of the Teeth of the North. The jagged cliffs are incredibly dangerous for ships and giving those that have perished along these cliffs this designation is seen as giving the ships a sea-worthy burial.


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5 Jan, 2021 19:40

I love the song (poem)? The description of the skeletal fleet is beautiful too.

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